eclat-setaattr, eclat-modify-image-attribute − modify attributes of an image


eclat setaattr AMI−ID description VALUE

eclat setaattr AMI−ID ProductCode CODE [CODE...]

eclat setaattr AMI−ID LaunchPermission [OPTION] VALUE [[OPTION] VALUE...]

eclat setaattr AMI−ID LaunchPermission {−a|−d} {−−add|−−delete} {−−group−name|−−user−id} VALUE


Set or remove attributes of an AWS image.

Only three attributes can be modified: description, ProductCode, and LaunchPermission. All three names are case-insensitive.

Setting the description requires a single value (see the first form in the synopsis).

The ProductCode attribute can be assigned multiple values in the single invocation (second form in the synopsis). Note, that this operation is irreversible: after a product code is added to an AMI, it can’t be removed.

The third form adds or removes AWS accounts to the LaunchPermission list. It allows for the following options:
, −−add

Add the accounts that follow this option.

−d, −−delete

Delete the accounts that follow this option.

This two options invert each other’s effect. The default action is −−add, so the use of the −−add option is optional if it is the only option in the command line.
, −−group−name

Treat the arguments that follow as group names, instead of the account numbers. According to the AWS documentation, the only valid value that can be used with this option is all, which means all Amazon EC2 users.

−u, −−user−id

Treat the arguments that follow as user (account) IDs. This is the default. This option is intended to be used after −−group−name to cancel its effect.



Add a description :

eclat setaattr ami-abcde012 description Database server


Allow account 123456701234 to launch instances from ami-abcde012, and revoke that permission from the rest of EC2 users.

eclat setaattr ami-abcde012 LaunchPermission --add 123456701234 \
--del --group all


eclat(1), eclat−lsaattr(1).


Sergey Poznyakoff


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