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addtsAdd timestamps at the beginning of each input line
apoutApout is a simulator of a PDP-11 machine, written by Warren Toomey. This is a modified version, containing several enhancements that allow to run a.out binaries from the earliest UNIX distributions.
beamBackup Easy And Manageable -- a suite of backup programs
cfpeekA parser and look-up utility for structured configuration files.
dicoA modular dictionary server (RFC 2229)
direventDirectory event watcher daemon
dnstoolsA set of tools for DNS management and other DNS-related tasks.
eclatEC2 Command Line Administrator Tool
fileservSimple HTTP server for serving static files
gammaGAMMA stands for a Guile Archive of Multiple Modules with 'A' just for the 'A' of it.
gcideGNU Collaborative International Dictionary of English
gdbmGNU dbm is a library of database functions that use extensible hashing and works similar to the standard UNIX dbm functions.
genrcGeneric helper program for writing system initialization scripts
gintGINT (Guile Integration Framework)
gitaclhookControl updates to git repositories using ACLs.
grotGrot -- Gray's Rotation Tool for MySQL Binary Logs
idestID3 Edit and Scripting Tool
imprimaturA set of Texinfo macros and Makefile rules for verification of Texinfo documents.
ionIon runs the supplied program ensuring that its three standard streams are connected to a tty. Normally this means that the program's stdin, stdout, and stderr will be line-buffered.
ipacctIpacct is a program for IP traffic accounting.
johA Jabber Over HTTP server.
jumperJumper brings VPN (or other) links on demand. It listens on network interfaces for packets destined to certain networks and brings up necessary links if required.
kbdlockA very simple console locker for GNU/Linux.
mailfromdMailfromd is a flexible general-purpose mail filter for Sendmail, Postfix and MeTA1.
mbarmailbox archiver
microutf8MicroUTF-8 is simple library that helps developers in dealing with null terminated UTF-8 strings.
miguelDesign files and accompanying software for a keyboard controller aiming to be TEMPEST-resistant.
mixMIX is a simulator and assembler for the MIX computer as described in "The Art of Computer Programming" by Donald E. Knuth.
mysqlstatMysqlstat is a dynamically loadable module for net-snmp snmpd, that provides access to process list statistics and replication status of the mysqld server.
netsnmp-sendmailA perl plugin for net-snmp that provides access to Sendmail statistics information obtained by mailq and mailstats.
nssyncNssync synchronizes DNS zone files in BIND format with an SQL database.
pam-modulesA set of PAM modules.
piesProgram Invocation and Execution Supervisor.
podiffFind differences between two PO files.
renrotTool to manipulate images names, EXIFs, orientation and more in batch mode.
rexRemote execution utility for administrating multiple servers
runcaprun external command and capture its output
rushA Restricted User Shell for remote access.
slbMonitor a set of servers and distribute load between them.
sloginA /bin/login program for single-user mode.
smapSocket map framework.
swuDisplays the amount of swap space used by the programs
tagrTraffic Analyzer and Grapher
tallymanA tool for monitoring state of docker containers via SNMP.
varnish-mibNet-SNMP agent, that provides access to Varnish Cache statistics.
vcsyncSynchronize files with the repository on each commit
vmod-basicauthBasic HTTP authentication for Varnish Cache
vmod-binlogBinary log support for Varnish Cache
vmod-dbrwDatabase-driven rewrite rules for Varnish Cache
vmod-dictA key/value dictionary lookup for Varnish Cache
vmod-sqlSQL functions for Varnish Cache
vmod-tbfToken Bucket Filtering for Varnish Cache
vmod-variableEnhanced variable support for VCL scripts.
wordsplitA set of C functions for splitting a string into words
wydawcaAutomatic release submission daemon.
wyslij-poA program for submitting PO files to the Translation Project.